About Us

There’s a better way to keep your bins clean. Let us show you how.

Rocket City Bin Cleaning

Rocket City Bin Cleaning, LLC is a local Veteran owned and operated bin cleaning company dedicated to providing tailored services to the following residential communities: Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Canebrake, Hampton & Big Cove, Gurley, Owens Cross Roads, Meridianville, Harvest and surrounding areas. Founded in 2017 on the principle that everyone should have access to clean waste bins, Rocket City Bin Cleaning offers affordable and environmentally friendly bin cleaning solutions to protect your family from the risks of hazardous bacteria while making garbage disposal effortless.

Often overlooked as a main source for health risks in one’s home, the bins we use to dispose of everyday garbage can become a breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria and germs and may even attract unwanted wildlife to your property. Rocket City Bin Cleaning works to ensure the bins you use are thoroughly sanitized and properly cleaned for bins you’ll be proud – and happy – to use.

Other bin cleaning services could offer limited solutions for keeping your bins clean and safe, but Rocket City Bin Cleaning always takes the extra step to ensure your bins are both sanitized and deodorized after every cleaning. We have carefully developed our services to be both accessible and effective, with affordable plan options and customizable solutions residential and commercial customers will love. More than that, however, Rocket City is committed to using environmentally friendly practices which help eliminate the unnecessary waste of water and use of harsh chemicals. By keeping your bins clean in the most eco-friendly way possible, we strive to keep both your family and our local community safe.

Why Us

Driven by our dedication to our customers & community

At Rocket City Bin Cleaning, we pride ourselves on making your bins sparkle by offering unique bin cleaning solutions you can rely on to keep your bins clean and sanitized. That’s why we tailor our services to residential customers and work with your schedule, all at affordable prices.

Our state of the art equipment and eco-friendly business practices ensure that our team utilizes only the safest and most convenient resources available to us to thoroughly clean bins in seconds. Our equipment and environmentally-friendly products help reduce water waste in our cleaning process while killing up to 99.9% of harmful organisms lurking in your disposal bins for a truly sparkling clean.

With customer service and tailored solutions like ours, it’s little wonder our customers turn to Rocket City Bin Cleaning to ensure their bins are as clean and safe as possible for everyday use. By valuing our relationship with the community which we call home, we can proudly offer convenient, hassle-free services to customers we share our beautiful city with!

Convenient curbside cleaning and a commitment to the satisfaction of our customers allows us to simplify the bin cleaning process for an experience that is as convenient for you as it is effective, safe, and affordable. We’re happy to work with all of our customers to make their bins shine and keep their garbage equipment safe!