Commercial Pressure Washing in Huntsville, Alabama

Rocket City Bin Cleaning and Pressure Washing is proud to assist local businesses with pressure washing in Huntsville and surrounding communities in Alabama. We have extensive experience with concrete cleaning of buildings, restaurants, shopping plazas, and office suites. In addition, banks, attorney offices, as well as industrial warehouse complexes are right up our alley.

First, concrete pressure washing results in a much improved visual appearance, attracting more customers and clients. When people see a dirty property they tend to have negative impressions about the business. Commercial pressure washing in Huntsville, Alabama means projecting an image of excellence in the community on the part of your business. 

Secondly, commercial pressure washing in Huntsville, Alabama means employee moral improves because of the attractive appearance they see upon arrival. Consider all the dark stains in the concrete, on the sidewalks, and on entry areas into the building from heavy traffic use could lead to a depressing mood for those who come in and out of the property on a daily basis. However a freshly cleaned property lifts spirits and inspires confidence.

Finally, let Rocket City Bin Cleaning and Pressure Washing save you money and increase your profitability with regularly scheduled pressure washing and concrete cleanings.

When would you clean my trash bin?

Our service day will coincide with normal trash pickup. Once a month we will visit each home on their regular trash collection day and after your trash has been picked up RCBC will clean your can curbside. When you get home at the end of your day you’ll know we’ve been there because your trash bins will look and smell fresh.

How do I sign up for service?

You can sign up for our services simply by clicking the Sign Up link and simply entering the requested information so you can pay with a debit or credit card. Or you may call or text Jaime at 256-520-9657 if you’d prefer paying with cash or check.

What makes Rocket City Bin Cleaning eco-friendly?

Our state of the art equipment is fully self contained. It uses high pressured 190⁰ water and extreme 360⁰ rotating nozzles to reach every corner of your bin. An added bonus is that our process is specifically designed not to waste water.
Consider that if you decide to clean your trash bin yourself you might use up to 20 gallons of water. Our process uses up to 75% or less allowing us to conserve resources and help protect the environment from harmful drainage.
Once your trash bin is cleaned, we take away all of the dirty water and dispose of it properly to help protect the environment, lakes, streams, and community.

Why should I have my trash bin cleaned by Rocket City Bin Cleaning?

Did you know that your trash bins contain bacteria and viruses such as E. Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella? Did you also know that by performing the basic chore of taking out the garbage, can introduce these bacteria and viruses into your home?
Simply hosing out your trash can is not going to remove or kill the bacteria living inside. And using harsh chemicals in an attempt to clean it is bad for the environment. RCBC will safely disinfect, sanitize and deodorize your bins. Our professional service will give you peace of mind.